Show my colors



I have my issues with human society, with too many superficial opinions that are not questioned although they clearly should be.

I have my issues with my personal role in that. Even if I have striking arguments against these „false“ conventions, I am not able to communicate them well and convincing enough. In short, I am not able to

show my colors

I don’t know how to deal with that? I don’t want to frustrate everyone around me with a moral pointing finger, which is frustrating for me as well, because I then pour my heart and soul out and in the end only receive ignorance, intolerance or skepticism.

A vicious cycle: how can I sensitize my environment for topics which cause negative emotions on both sides or which are only being listened to but never are truely heard. This is no fun at all! So what should I do? Smile and keep quiet about these topics, never say what I think, give up, being hurt silently, do nothing. This is a solution but not an


It is difficult to stand being always criticized for wanting to help the planet by methods that seem unconventional at first but are based on profound research and huge commitment.

I don’t even know why I am exposing myself like that in this entry. But right now I feel a lot of pain, which I often have to brutally suppress in daily life and which needs to find an outlet from time to time. So maybe this here is

the escape

to finally

show my colors


Let’s eat more fruit and veggies


Plant-based diets can prevent and even reverse many of the top killers in the Western world.

This could save many lives and billions of dollars, but medical training underemphasizes nutrition education, because of prevailing conventions and lobbyism.

The #1 killer – heart disease – is almost nonexistent in populations with diets centered on whole plant foods, which can also slow and even avert cancer.

Cancer cells are more effectively killed by “plant-based” blood.

Within only weeks, participants of plant-based diets experience improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin levels amongst many others.

Even diabetes might be reversed if caught early enough.

Contrary to popular myth, vegans have fewer nutrient deficiencies than others and actually are the only dietary group in America that is not overweight.

I know it’s not easy to change our standard diet entirely from one day to the other, but let’s move in the right direction.

Let’s eat more fruit and veggies.

If you are interested in the scientific background of the findings stated above, please visit Dr. Greger’s webpage on Nutrition Facts